The Sure Claim Process

How we handle your claim

Stage 1 - Finding out if you’re eligible to make a claim

Our personal injury team will first need to understand how your injuries were sustained. This means listening to your side of the story, including how the accident was caused and what impact your injuries have had on your life. Once we have a full understanding, we will carry out a risk assessment to determine how successful your case will be.

Stage 2 - Accepting your claim

If your case is deemed successful, we will arrange a meeting to explain the next steps in making your claim and take you through the documents you will need to sign.

Stage 3 - Starting your claim

Once we have collected all the information required, we will fill out a Claims Notification Form. This is an online form, filled in through the Ministry of Justice Claims Portal, which will be used to alert the responsible party’s insurance company about the claim.

The form will provide comprehensive details on:

  • negligence (legal fault)
  • financial losses;
  • required treatment;
  • additional expenses.

Once the Claims Notification Form has been received, the responsible party’s insurers will have a certain length of time before legal proceedings can begin to investigate the accident and admit or deny liability.

Stage 4 - Investigating your injuries

To determine how much compensation you are entitled to, your injuries must be examined by a medical expert - if your injuries are severe, a medical team may be formed to conduct an investigation. If you have not already sought a medical report from an independent expert, our team can arrange this for you.

Once evidence has been gathered and accepted by you, the opposition will be sent the report, where they have time to make a suitable offer of compensation based on your injuries.

Stage 5 - Negotiating a settlement

Once an offer has been made, you must make a decision on whether or not the amount of compensation is acceptable. We can provide advice and recommendations during this process and will negotiate with the opposing party should you reject the offer. If you accept, we will alert the insurers who will process the payment.

Stage 6 - Receiving your compensation

If you have accepted the first offer, or a revised offer, payment will be processed by cheque.

For more information about the Sure Claim process, contact us now on 0333 323 1200. If you’d like to start a claim, fill in our online form with the details of your accident and we will get back to you as soon as we can.